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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Loudoun County Public Schools 2020, LCPS Go Sign in to ClassLink

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). LCPS GO Sign in to ClassLink. Sign In. Help, How to forgot my password. Class link app (Apple or Android device) that allows students a one time login experience.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is a branch of Loudoun County, Virginia, United States Government, and administers public schools in the county. LCPS is headquartered at 21000 Education Court in Ashburn, an unconnected section of the county.

Due to the rapid growth in the area, LCPS is one of the fastest growing school divisions in Virginia and the third largest school division in the state. For the 2019–2020 school year, LCPS educated approximately 84,000 students.

How can I change my password?

LCPS users can now use LCPS GO to change their LEAD account password. This can be accomplished from any Internet connected device using Google Chrome. This document explains how to use LCPS GO to reset your own password.

And what steps you should take to configure your LCPS GO profile to reset your password if needed. -

lcps go

  • Http://go.lcps.org Access in your Google Chrome Browser

  • Google Chrome is currently the only supported browser for use with LCPS GO.

  • Password change functionality is not currently supported in LCPS GO applications.

Setup Password Recovery Options for Forgotten Passwords To take advantage of the password change capabilities of LCPS GO, the end user must configure their personal password recovery option.

Users can select 3 notification methods that can be used when password reset is required. If all three options are configured, the user will have the option to choose which of the three notification methods they want to use so that they can reset their password. Only one (1) notification method is required for password change capabilities.

Below are three (3) notification options and a brief description:

1- Mobile phone

The user will receive a text message with an access code that must be entered to access the password reset function.

2- Email

The user will receive an email with a clickable link to reset the password.

3- Questions

Users will choose three (3) security questions and provide answers. When a password reset is initiated, they will be asked to successfully answer these three questions to gain access to the password reset function.

1- Login to LCPS(Loudoun County Public Schools), and access your profile option through the drop down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.  Once the drop down menu is selected, select the My Profile button

2- Then choose Password Recovery Setup

  • Mobile phone
    To receive a text message with an authorization code the user should enter their cell phone number.

  • E-mail
    The user should enter a valid email address, where they can receive an email message which will contain a clickable link to reset their password. **
    Note: It is recommended to use a non-LCPS email address. If an LCPS email address is used, and the user forgets their password, they will be unable to gain access to the identity verification link to reset the password.

  • Questions
    The user will pick up and answer three questions from the available drop down box. Users also have the option to create custom queries.

Mobile number

  • Enter your personal cell phone number in the phone number field and choose Save.

  • After receiving a text message with your verification code, select the gray verification button

  • Enter the verification code and select the green verification button in the pop-up window.

  • Once your mobile phone number is verified, a green verified icon will appear


  • Enter a valid personal email address to receive email communication with you, and choose Save

  • Once you select Save, an email will be sent to the supplied address. This is your verification email, once received you will need to click on the URL included to verify your email.


The user can choose from a list of pre-populated queries, or create their own individual custom queries.

  •  To create a custom question, select a custom question from the drop down and supply the required information.

  • Once you have answered your three questions, select the Save Question button *** We recommend you to type in all lowercase letters ***

Password reset

The four most common examples where a user may need to reset their password are as follows:

  • User has forgotten his password.

  • Users' current password has expired.

  • The user is new, and this is the first time they are logging in with their new account

  • Users may want to change their password for other reasons (ie, 'on demand' PW change)

  • If a user needs to reset their password, they can click on the "Help, I forgot my password" link on the main

  • LCPS GO webpage. This can be accessed by opening http://go.lcps.org in your Google Chrome browser

1- On the reset password screen, enter your username in the username field, and leave the code field populated with lcps

2- Which of your three options would you like to use to get a notification to verify your identity before changing your password.

If no password recovery option has been set for the user, the password reset functionality will not work as expected.

Choose a password reset option -

This section summarizes what users will be presented with when you select one of the three password reset options.

  1. If the user chooses a question, they will be prompted to supply answers to the three questions that were configured in the 'Setup Password Recovery Options for Forgot Password section'. Remember, your answers are case sensitive.
    a. After your answer has been entered, select the 'Check' button.

  2. If the user selects an email, they will be sent an email to the supplied address and will be configured in the 'Setup Password Recovery Options for the Forgot Password Password' section.
    a. Click the link sent to your email address to reset your password.

  3. If the user selects SMS text, they will be sent a text message (standard message rates apply) to the mobile number provided for the 'Setup Password Recovery Options Forgotten Password' section.
    a. Enter your received code in the code field, and then select the 'Check' button.

  4. Once you have completed your identity verification with one of the above methods, you will be asked to enter a new password twice, and then select the check button.

  5. Once your password is successfully changed, you will receive the following message. 

Below are three common examples of how users can reset their passwords. Reset an expired password
If a user tries to login with an expired password, they will be met with the following screw
The user must enter their old 'expired' password, and provide a new password twice to confirm.
Once completed, choose the submit button.

Reset 'on demand' password

1- Login to LCPS, and access your My Profile section via the drop down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen

a. Once the drop down menu is selected, select the My Profile button.

2- Scroll down to General tab and choose Reset password.

4- On the Reset Password screen, the user has to enter his old password current 'password, and provide a new password twice to confirm.

5- Once completed, choose the submit button.

6- If your password is changed successfully, you will be provided with the following screen.

Reset a password for a new user account

1- If a user is new to LCPS, and their account has just been created. They can reset their password by trying to login to LCPS GO with their new accounts temporary password. Upon entering the username and temporary password, the user will be found with the following screen.

2- The user has to enter his old 'temporary' password, and then provide his new password twice to confirm.

3- Once completed, choose the submit button.

History of LCPS


The Loudoun County Public Schools system in Loudown County was established in 1870 to serve the needs of free education in the post-Civil War and era of reconstruction. For most of its history, the LCPS served a rural population known for its dairy farms. Since the creation of Washington Dulles International Airport in 1962, the population of Laudown County has skyrocketed, as well as the school system. For example, since the 2000–2001 school year, LCPS opened 51 schools: 28 primary, 11 middle, 11 higher and one educational center.

Administration of LCPS


The LCPS system, while run for a day by the Superintendent (Dr. Eric Williams), is managed under the direction and authority of the Loudoun County School Board, a nine-member panel elected by citizens in the county. Eight of the nine board positions are divided into voting districts that represent communities throughout the county, while the ninth seat is largely elected by the entire county. Voting districts correspond to those used for the election of supervisors of Laudown County. Unlike the Board of Supervisors, the School Board is chaired by its members every year, while the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors always has the largest seat. While the school board makes decisions related to school policy and curriculum, it receives funding through the board of supervisors.



In the 2019–2020 school year, LCPS students were 46% White, 23% Asian, 18% Hispanic, 8% Black / African American and 6% Multinational.