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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Coin Master Free Spins Teams Feature Update (Entire Guide)

Coin Master Free Spins  : Teams is a brand fresh upgrade attribute in Coin Master. In this Teams attribute upgrade game users may produce group of 50 members. Teams helps to acquire free spins, exchange cards and talk to teammates.

In this post, you'll receive comprehensive manual about Coin Master Teams attribute. Thus, Let's begin. .

What Are Coin Master Game Teams?

Groups is a new feature in Coin Master under the Friends option. In this feature "Groups" game users can join a group or form a group of 50 members. In a team, all team players can request spins, apply for a card, donate a card and chat with team members.

So, "Groups" in Coin Master is like a chat group where as a member, you can chat, request free spins, request a card and donate cards.

This team feature will greatly benefit card exchange. Because, here the card application and donation card process is voluntarily handled among team partners. Therefore, you can easily find the required cards.

All teams are in an amazing feature that helps 100% complete local levels quickly with the help of a group of friends. Watch this group preview video on Coin Master facebook page.

Where can I find a team option in the Coin Master game?

The option of teams in Coin Master is part of the friends option. So, if the Themes option is open to you, you can open it from "Game Menu> FRIENDS> Groups tab". You can also quickly open the Groups tab from the bottom right corner by tapping the Group badge icon.

How to unlock teams in Coin Master

On the Groups tab you will find a list of groups that will join (if you are not a member of any group yet). Here, you also get the option to create your own group.

Also, once you are a member of any team, the game will show the "My Team" tab, where you can get help from team partners or be helpful to your partners.

How do you build teams in the Coin Master game?

You can build your team in the Coin Master Free Spins game from the Groups tab. The "Groups" tab is only available if you are no longer a member of any group.

Also, if you are already a member of the group and want to create a group, you will need to leave the group you are currently joining.

Follow the steps to build a team in the Coin Master game.

  1. Open the Groups tab from the Friends menu option.

  2. Tap the "create" green button.

  3. Type Team Name.

  4. Select the group badge icon.

  5. Enter a description of the group.

  6. Select a group type (Open / Off).

  7. Set the required number of stars to join the group.

  8. Tap the "Create 1M" button to create a group.

Note: To build your team, you need to spend 1M on the Coin Master game.

How do you join a group at Coin Master?

You can join the team at Coin Master from the "Teams" tab under the FRIEND option. Here, you will find a list of groups and a team option. To join a group, tap the team name and photo category from the group list, then tap the green "JOIN" button in the pop info info. Now, you will become a member of the group, if your account meets the group membership process.

In the group details popup, you will find team details and a list of members has been added. Therefore, you will get all the details before joining the group.

What is the starting point for Coin Master teams?

The Coin Master team required an astrological process. This means that if the group owner sets the required number of startups to join the group, only game users with that number of stars or more can join the group.

How do I join a closed type team?

The process for joining a closed group is the same as for an open type group. However, with a closed type group, after applying to join a group, you need to wait for the group leader's approval to join the group.

How can you leave the team to Coin Master?

In Coin Master you can join one group at a time. So, if you want to join a new group or want to build your own team, you need to leave your current joined group.

To leave a group in Coin Master Free Spins, first open the "My Team" tab and then tap the yellow "Information" button for the group. Here, in the group details, tap the red "Leave" button. Next, confirm your action to leave the group.

How to leave a team in Coin Master

That's all, you are no longer a member of any group.

What is the limit for team members in Coin Master Teams?

The Coin Master team is limited to the top 50 members. That is, you cannot create a group of more than 50 members. Also, new members do not join the group if there is a limit of more members.

What are the benefits of Coin Master Teams?

The following are three benefits or things you can do in the Coin Master team.

Coin master free spins request

In the coin master free spins team after every 8 hours you can request 10 free spins. When any partner spins request, that request is displayed in the team tab with the "help" button.

Next, team players can tap the help button for each application. Two nails will be added to your current spins when any team member clicks the help button on your application. Once, asking for 10 spins helps to complete, you will get a total of 10 free spins.

Request to use the Coin Master team

Note: Here 2 spins "coin master free spins" help will not be deducted from your spins account. Therefore, you can help your teammates without worries.

Card Application

In the Coin Master team every 24 hours you can request lost cards to complete the setup of cards. In the case of any card partner request, that request is displayed in the team tab with the "Donate" button.

Next, team players can donate a card if they have additional requested cards. Therefore, in this way you can find and donate lost cards.


With the group chat option, you can share helpful information with group partners. The discussion helps to communicate with team members.

How many teams can I join in the Tin Coin Master Teams?

You can join 1 group at a time. That is, you cannot join multiple groups at once. Also, you need to leave the group you have joined now in order to join another group.

Also, if you are trying to join a second group, then Coin Master Free Spins will be shown "You must leave the group before joining a new message".

Are groups open to all Coin Master Free Spins users?

Coin Master Teams is a new feature and is open to random users in different countries. However, it will be open to all users soon.

So, if you haven't found "Teams" in your game yet, then wait for this amazing feature. It will be available soon to you.

How do you get groups in master class?

Group updates for coin master free spins are for all users. Also, no action is required on your part to receive team updates. However, this is a new feature and it is slowly releasing. So, you need to wait for it. This new update will be available soon to all users.

How can you join a friend group or invite friends to join my group at Coin Master?

Team is a great feature in Coin Master and you definitely want to be part of a team where everything.

Coin Master Teams Feature Update (Entire Guide)